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We will assess the general health of your eyes by performing some simple, painless, non-invasive measurements and determine whether vision correction is needed.  We’re also here to make expert recommendations for fitting you with the right glasses, contact lenses  and prescription sunglasses, if needed.  During the exam, we also screen for common eye health issues such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, “floaters,”eyestrain caused by computers or digital devices, and others.

Often to get the best detailed view of your eyes’ health, it is necessary to use eye drops that will dilate your pupils.  This is a routine practice, and though it is painless, you will experience mild light sensitivity and difficulty with near tasks for approximately 1-2 hours following the exam.  It is helpful to bring a pair of sunglasses with you to the exam, or even schedule this test on a different day (at no charge) than your initial visit.  If you have any questions about the eye drops, just ask!  We’re here to make the experience as thorough and comfortable as possible.



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We carry a wide variety of contact lenses from daily disposables, to bi-weekly or even monthly disposable lenses.  We also carry a wide selection of colour enhancing lenses.  When considering the use of contact lenses, whether it be for vision correction or just appearance, we take a custom approach to each patient and take into account a multitude of factors before recommending a particular brand.  Remember…contact lenses are medical devices, and should only be prescribed by professionals who keep your eye health as the first priority.  We offer one-on-one lens fittings with a contact lens specialist who will teach you everything like inserting the lens, removing it, and taking care of your contacts.




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LASIK & Vision Correction Consultations / Post Surgery Care >


Both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Khan have worked at the esteemed Bochner Eye Institute, and in collaboration with other laser vision correction clinics as well, and are well trained in both pre- and post-operative care of patients either interested in or having already undergone the procedure.  Wondering if you’re a candidate, or simply have questions about LASIK or other procedures?  Stop on by and we’d be glad to talk to you.  Already had LASIK but need a regular optometrist to monitor your progress?  No problem!  We’ve cared for hundreds of patients who have undergone LASIK, and our focus is the ongoing health of your eyes even following vision correction.


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< Eyewear Consultations

Glasses are not just for correcting your vision…they are a statement and an extension of your personality.  They are one of the first features someone notices about you, and so we place great emphasis on a personalized approach to choosing your corrective glasses or sunglasses.

When you meet with our doctors and sales consultants, we will not only help you select a style that compliments YOU, we will help choose glasses that will serve you best in your day to day activities.







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< Glaucoma Testing


Standard glaucoma screening is a part of every eye examination.  Should it be determined that further testing is required, your doctor will review the necessary tests with you.  Should an assessment with an ophthalmologist be needed, we will arrange an appointment for you.  In the case where you have already be diagnosed with glaucoma, we work with your ophthalmologist to provide testing and assessments in between your regular tests with your specialist.




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< Pediatric Optometry


Having an eye exam as a kid can be a scary experience for them if they don’t know what to expect, but that shouldn’t prevent them from having their eyes checked properly.  We love kids and know how frightened they can be by doctors, so we go to great lengths to make the experience as comfortable and fun as possible.  One of our many tools is the Optec 500, which is a very quick and very painless screening test we use to assess many components of a child’s vision, but it feels like a game to them.  Kids see and process visual information much differently than adults, and there are many areas that need to be functioning well together for them to have healthy vision in school.  Children aged 19 years and younger are covered by OHIP for an eye exam EVERY YEAR, so why not have them checked properly and have fun at the same time!






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